My Story

Daniella Pavicic


My name is Daniella Pavicic and I am a singer, songwriter, fashion and beauty entrepreneur and creator of the 4D by Daniella™ fragrance. Like you, I wear many hats and rather than try to compartmentalize in any given situation, I’m driven by my multi-dimensional nature. I call it "Life in 4D" and I’m honored to share my story with you.

A lifelong lover of fragrance, my 4D journey first began when my signature scent was discontinued. After scooping up the very last bottles from a New York City boutique, I vowed to one day replicate my beloved fragrance. As this seed of intention evolved over the years, I became intrigued with the idea of designing a scent that represented the journey of becoming the woman I am today. As these thoughts flowed through my mind, my life in the music business quickly became a series of adventures and extraordinary experiences.

Through a fortuitous encounter with a renowned perfumer whom I’ve come to call my friend, Robin Coe Hutshing, I had the opportunity to compose a unique scent – one that would transcend the varied environments I face on a daily basis, taking me from day to evening, from the stage to the boardroom. The inspiration from the long lost signature scent grew into something bigger, and 4D was born. Both the name 4D and the multi-dimensional fragrance are celebrations of and reminders to live a full and dynamic life. 

The word that best describes 4D by Daniella™ is transcendence. 4D is my trigger. 4D is my reminder to go beyond. 4D tells me to surpass my wildest dreams and break free of my self-imposed limitations. 4D reminds me I can be better. Every time I wear 4D by Daniella, I feel empowered; like I’m living life in 4D.

4D is the essence of a woman who, like you, is not afraid to explore and embrace the many facets of herself. 

With Love,